Along with Workspaces comes workspace settings. :)
If you are a workspace admin, these are the settings that you can edit, or update:

1. Workspace name - Fairly straightforward, this is the name of your workspace. It is editable, so if you have a typo it can easily be fixed.

2. Workspace URL - This is the URL by which your team will access Fellow. If you need to change this, please contact

3. Workspace logo - Your logo

4. Approved domains + Allow inviting - See which domains are linked to the Fellow workspace - meaning that people with that domain will be able to log-in to the workspace.

If you would like to limit the number of people who can access your workspace, you can turn off "Allow inviting" so that no new user accounts are created via inviting. You can still make new user accounts by going to the Manage users page.

5. Allow self-signup - Similarly, you can control whether people with those domains can sign up themselves (create a user account via webpage) or if they need to be invited.

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