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Easily add users to your Fellow users in bulk!

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We've simplified the process of adding multiple users to your Fellow workspace! Just upload a CSV file and we'll do the rest. Once uploaded, those users will be invited to Fellow and all their information will already be in place including their name, manager, or even their job title.

Here are the steps to bulk upload users into Fellow (+ a few troubleshooting tips)

Note: You will need to be a workspace administrator on the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan to take advantage of this feature.


  1. Visit Workspace settings --> Manage users

  2. Click on More actions in the upper right hand corner and select Import users from a CSV file

  3. You will then see a screen like this. When it comes to adding the users, you'll need to upload a CSV file with all the relevant information. Download the template CSV file to get started.

  4. Import the CSV into your spreadsheet of choice. You'll notice that the first row contains the title of each column, and the second row contains a brief description of what information to add in each column.

  5. Add the relevant information. The first 3 columns are required. The next 3 are optional, but are recommended to help your team get the best Fellow experience.

    Here is a brief breakdown of what each column is for:

    1. Name: the first and last names of the users you would like to add/update

    2. Email: their company email

    3. Role: their role in the Fellow workspace. Are they a member or an admin?

    4. Manager Email (optional): the email corresponding to the person the user reports to

    5. Job Title (optional): their job title.

    6. Department (optional): their department within the company

  6. Once complete, export the spreadsheet as a CSV and upload the file back into Fellow by either dragging and dropping the file or click on Upload updated CSV file and select the file.

  7. Press Next

    1. If there are any errors in the file, you'll see a message saying "We found errors on X users in your uploaded CSV". Download the annotated CSV file to see what the errors are and resolve them.

      A description of the error will show up in the far right column. If you are having trouble, view the troubleshooting section below

    2. If there are no errors, you are good to go! Fellow will show how many new users are going to be added and/or how many users will be updated.

  8. Press Import users. Note: new members will contribute towards your overall member count for billing purposes.

  9. Once imported, these users will now show in the list of users in your Manage users section. You'll be able to review/edit these users at any time!


Common errors that you might experience include:

  • The CSV file does not include the expected columns. To solve this, download the template from Fellow and transfer over the information.

  • The email is outside of your organization. To solve this, you'll need to invite them as a Guest separately.

  • The user type entered is not a valid option. For this field, the only values that will be accepted are Admin, or Member. Edit the values in the column to match one of those options.

  • The manager's email that has been added is not an existing Fellow user, and has not been included as part of this uploaded. To fix this, either add that email to the list of users that you would like to import, or remove the manager's email from the column. This is an optional field, so leaving it blank will not cause any issues.

  • Guest users cannot be listed as someone's manager. For the user that has a guest as their manager, leave their manager's email field blank.

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