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Lock Notes

"Lock" your notes to prevent future content edits

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**Note locking is a available on the Business and Enterprise plans **

With Fellow, you can lock your meeting notes in "stone" so that the content doesn't get changed after the fact and you have an accurate record of what was discussed and decided. (without the chance of revisionist history)

What are Locked Notes?

For each individual meeting note, you'll have the ability to lock it down and prevent any future edits. You will still be able to toggle action items and talking points, change due dates, and re-assign action items. But the content/text is "locked in" and can not be changed unless the note is unlocked.

Admin's also have the option to turn on auto-locking so that notes automatically lock after a given period of time when the event ends (say 15 minutes).

Why would I need to lock my notes?

For meetings that are sensitive and important, it's important to have the peace of mind that those records are not changed or altered.

One example is if you give your direct report critical feedback in your 1-on-1. If you are concerned that your direct report would be enticed to change the record and remove this criticism, then you can lock that note and prevent any changes.

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How to lock notes:

Individual Notes

Go to your meting note and click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the note and select Lock Note for editing.

Once the note is locked, you will see a yellow banner across the top of the note indicating that the note is locked.

Note: Anyone can lock a note. The note “locker”, as well as the meeting organizer (if there is one) and any admin can unlock it.

Admin Settings

If you would like this setting to be workspace wide, an admin can navigate to Workspace Settings and turn on the Auto-lock meeting note toggle and set the time when the notes will be locked. (For example, 15 minutes after a meeting ends)

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