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Curious about what makes our Enterprise plan special? We're here to help!

Our Enterprise plan starts at 10 users, and with it you'll have access to all the Pro and Business features, in addition to some Enterprise specific ones. Including:

You can also choose to get the following features as add-ons for an extra charge on your Enterprise plan or upgrade to Enterprise Plus:

Meeting Copilot

Fellow syncs with your calendar and creates a linked meeting note for every event with the ability to invite your meeting CoPilot to record, transcribe, and summarize your meeting. That means your meeting notes, action items, recording, transcription, and summary are all in one place and can be accessed through your calendar event or directly in Fellow at any time.

The Enterprise Plan will also allow you access your Recordings library and set your meeting recordings to auto-delete if you need.

Okta and OneLogin Integrations

Connect Fellow with Okta or OneLogin to simplify the login process for everyone at your company. Central control of your users through Okta or OneLogin will allow for the simple creating, editing, suspending or resuming of users in Fellow.

Give a teammate access to your Fellow account where they can contribute to meeting agendas, send out feedback requests, and create templates - all on your behalf. This is great for leaders who have executive assistants.


Reduce the headache of manually managing users. Syncing with an HRIS will automatically update reporting relationships, disable users, and set your organization up for success.

We sync with:

  • GSuite

  • Office 365

  • Bamboo HR

  • Workday

If you use another HRIS, contact us!

Expert-led Onboarding

You'll be given the white-glove treatment from our Customer Success team. They'll help onboard you and your team via our white-glove implementation services. Talk to your account manager to learn more.

Give and receive feedback from your teammates and colleagues. You'll have the ability to:

  • ask about yourself

  • ask about a meeting

  • ask about something else

  • ask for 360 feedback

  • ask for anonymous feedback

Send reminders, aggregate the responses, and build a feedback culture. You'll also be able to see feedback in your 1-on-1, and gather feedback about a meeting to help make it as great as possible!

We also support company wide feedback templates.

For managers conducting performance reviews, Fellow’s 360 feedback tool can help batch send out these requests. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll be impressed when you see this feature in action.

Goals, goals, goals! Individuals and team can add their own goals, objectives and key results in the Objective section. These objectives can then be visible to the whole company or reviewed during team meetings.

We'd love to talk to you about it! Email support@fellow.co if you have any questions or message us via the in-app chat to set up a call

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