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How to create a new team (all users and admins)

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NOTE: Teams is a feature in Beta for Enterprise Plan customers.

In Fellow, teams are a group of Fellow users. Teams can be created by both members and admins, however admins have an additionally capability that we will discuss later.

This article will walk through the basic workflow of creating a team including:

Part 1: Navigate to where you can create a team

To start creating a team, there are 2 main ways to get started

  1. All users can create a team via the home panel by clicking on the plus button next to Teams

  2. Admins can create teams in Workspace settings --> Manage teams --> Add new team

Part 2: Name your Team

  1. Add a team name. As you fill out your team name, the handle will auto-fill, but this can be changed at any time.

  2. Add a team purpose [optional]

  3. Specify whether there should be a parent team. This is usually for cases when a team is team is a subset of a larger team. For example for this Growth Marketing team, I'm going to make the Marketing team the parent team.

Part 3: Add team members

Now that you have your team created, it's time to add users to your team. There are 3 options to do this in Fellow:

Option 1: Manually select users

  1. Click on the option to Select users

  2. Search for the team members who you would like to be members of this team.

  3. Select them from the drop down

  4. Press Create team

Option 2: Create a manager based team

  1. Click on the option of Manager based team

  2. Pick a manager from the list. The team will be created based off of that manager's direct reports. In the example below, all of Regan's direct reports have been automatically added to the team.

  3. Press Create team

    As the team changes, the team make-up will always be synced in Fellow.

Option 3: Create a Google Workspace or Microsoft Office based team (admins only)

  1. Select Google Workspace or Microsoft Office based team. [Note: if you don't have set-up in Workspace Integrations, this option will be greyed out. This option will also be greyed out for non-admins]

  2. Select a pre-existing group from the drop down.

  3. Press Create team

    As the group changes, these change will be synced with Fellow. This sync happens once a day, so you might not see the change right away but you should see it within 24 hours.

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