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A general overview of 360 feedback in Fellow (the who, what, when, and why)

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In practice, a 360 Review is the process of collecting feedback about your direct report from their manager, themselves, their direct reports, and their peers. This can be a lot to organize and can be a pain if you need to repeat the same process for every one of your direct reports.

The 360 feedback tool in Fellow will help managers to simplify this process!

This article will cover some of the most important questions including:

How does 360 feedback work in Fellow?

The tool will help you "batch" send out requests in one organized package. For example, if I am collecting 360 feedback about Sasha there are 4 types of requests that I need to send out: a manager assessment, an assessment from their direct report, a general request for peer feedback, and a self-assessment.

Odds are that for each group, there are different questions to ask.

I can send apply different templates for each type of request, choose who to send it to, and preview the requests before I send. This article goes into more specifics about how to set this up.

Results from all these groups will then be compiled in one main hub where you'll be able to see all 360 in one place, just by switching through the tabs at the top of the page.

What about privacy? Who can see my feedback?

Before sending out the requests, you'll see a preview showing who will able to see the respondents answers. Typically this is the requester and the subject's manager.

Then when someone goes to respond to a feedback request, they'll be able to see who will see their responses at the top of the screen.

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