You can edit your user settings so Fellow works in the best way for you. Adjust your notifications, personal information, user templates and integrations. 

My Profile

Set your name, job position, manager, profile picture and timezone.

Notification Settings 

Fellow has some default settings set for you but you can change these here! Adjust how and when you receive your Fellow Digest, notifications for Upcoming 1-on-1s, Insights, and links to your meeting notes in your Calendar.

Fellow Digest

Your Fellow Digest is an update sent by Fellow with a summary of your upcoming meetings, 1-on-1s, action items and feedback requests. 

Upcoming 1-on-1s 

Fellow will notify you about all of your upcoming 1-on-1s. You can specify your preferences here so that you are only notified about the 1-on-1s you would like to be. 


Fellow will send you Insights on the homepage and via Slack to encourage you to do the best practices that help you work better with your team. You can specify which kind of Insights you receive here. 

Calendar Integration

When you add content to a note in Fellow, Fellow will put a link in that event in your calendar so you and your team can quickly navigate to that note. You can toggle that on and off at the bottom of the Notifications page. 


Fellow integrates with the apps you already use to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Use the settings section to connect or disconnect Fellow from any of these applications.

To disconnect an integration click 'Disconnect.' To connect an integration click 'Connect.'


By integrating with GSuite Fellow can fully integrate with your calendar and email to know when your meetings are, send you reminders and emails when you need them.

Office 365 

Integrating with Office 365 allows Fellow to know when your meetings are and send you reminders and emails when you need them.


The Slack integration allows Fellow to send you notifications about upcoming meetings, respond to feedback requests from the chat interface as well as receive insights in an app that you already rely on.


Send your Fellow action items to Asana. With this integration, you can send action items generation during your meetings over to Asana to integrate into your existing project management workflows and the completion status of items stays in-sync between Fellow and Asana.


Connect your favourite apps and automate your workflow using our Zapier integration. With Fellow's Zapier integration, you can push action items to your favourite apps and pull in talking points, action items, and meeting notes from thousands of applications including Trello, Airtable, Discord, Todoist, Twilio, Evernote, and more


Use templates to build your own workflows! You can create and edit your own templates to use in all of the sections of Fellow here.

Change your user settings now! 

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