You can edit your user settings so Fellow works in the best way for you. Adjust your notifications, personal information, user templates and integrations. 

User Settings/My Profile

Set your name, job position, manager, profile picture and timezone.

Here you can also switch to dark mode and find out who your account admin is.

Notification Settings 

Fellow has some default settings set for you but you can change these here! Adjust how and when you receive your Fellow Digest, notifications for Upcoming 1-on-1s, Insights, and links to your meeting notes in your Calendar.

Check out this article for more specifics

Apps & Integrations 

Fellow integrates with the apps you already use to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Use the settings section to connect or disconnect Fellow from any of these applications. To disconnect an integration click 'Disconnect.' To connect an integration click 'Connect.'

Learn more about all our apps & integrations here


Use templates to build your own workflows! You can create and edit your own templates to use in all of the sections of Fellow here.

This article goes into more specific detail


Choose which calendars are synced with Fellow - this can be multiple calendars or just one.

If you are interested in the specifics, check out this article

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