Employee Guidance
Add suggested talking points for team members to discuss during their 1-on-1s
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Employee Guidance allows account admins on Business plans to create suggested talking points for teams to discuss during their upcoming 1-on-1s. These topics will appear within 1-on-1 streams for employees to review and add to their agendas.

Admins will also be able to choose who the message is displayed to (managers, ICs, etc.)

It's a mechanism to share/encourage ideas about what to talk about. This might be something like Mental Health month, or maybe their thoughts on a new company-wide initiative, or anything else that you would like to be discussed.

And after you "Create a topic", you'll be able to see how many people have seen it, how many have completed it, and how many have added it to their agendas.

*Employee Guidance is an Business plan specific feature

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