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How to add a new user

You can add users to Fellow manually by going to the 'Manage users' page. Click 'Add User' in the top left corner of the screen. Fill out the user's information then click 'Create.

How to edit someone's manager

To edit or add someone's manager, click to edit that user and use the drop down menu to select the correct manager.

How to edit a user's profile

As an admin, you can edit a user's profile. This is something you may wish to do if someone changes positions, departments or managers. 

Deactivate users 

If someone leaves your organization or their account needs to be deactivated for any reason, you can deactivate their user from the Manage users page. 

Note: there are two types of deactivation,

1 - When a user is disabled, they are not included in the user count (for billing purposes), and they can return via auth

2- If a user is blocked, they will not be able to log back in (auth will fail), and they will not be part of the final bill

GSuite Admin Install 

If your company uses GSuite, the easiest way for you to manage users is to do the GSuite Admin Install. In a few clicks you upload your company's org chart. This means that when someone joins the organization or leaves, this is automatically updated in Fellow along with who their manager is and what team they are on. 

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