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Who can perform administrative tasks?
Who can perform administrative tasks?

Access to workspace settings, users, integrations, company-wide templates and billing

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Access to workspace settings differs on paid vs. free workspaces. On our Free plan (and paid plan trials), all members of a workspace have access to its settings, whereas on our paid plans (Pro, Business & Enterprise), access is only granted to account administrators.

When a workspace upgrade from a free to a paid plan, all users who were explicitly marked as account administrators will retain their role, and continue to have access to the workspace settings. Non-administrators will therefore no longer have access to the workspace settings.

Furthermore, the user who upgraded the account will be explicitly granted administrative privileges on the newly Pro or Enterprise workspace, and will retain access to all workspace settings, including billing.

There are a few exceptions for workspaces on our Free plan. Workspace members who are not explicitly set as administrators will not have the ability to:

  • Add/remove admin privileges from a user

  • Access the analytics dashboard

  • Export analytics (when applicable)

  • Access/edit/delete API keys (when applicable)

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