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Streamline meeting preparation and follow up by sharing your agendas/notes in Zoom

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Fellow's Chatbot for Zoom allows anyone in a Fellow workspace to send their notes to a channel in their Zoom chat.

Installing the chatbot

Connect the chatbot by clicking the Connect button on the top right corner of the Zoom Chatbot page in your Fellow workspace integration settings. To complete the action, you must be an admin of the Fellow workspace and an admin of the Zoom account being connected, with permission to see all users, see chat channels, and manage chatbots. This is a one-time authorization after which all members of the workspace will be able to use the chatbot's features.

Sending a note to a Zoom chat channel

Once the Zoom chatbot has been connected, a new option to send notes via Zoom will appear in the Send Notes modal available in all notes, and in the note series automations.

When sending a note to Zoom, the list of channels that the current user is a member of will be available to select from. If the email address someone uses in Fellow is different than the email address they use in Zoom, this list will be a list of public channels -- to get the full list of their channels and connect their Zoom account to their Fellow account, they can install Fellow's App for Zoom which also enables meeting notes to appear in their Zoom calls automatically.

After pressing Send, the notes are sent off to the Zoom chat channel! This will update when the note changes in Fellow, and will be visible to everyone in the channel. Only users who have access to the note in Fellow will be able to view and edit the note within Fellow.

Uninstalling the chatbot

Uninstalling the chatbot can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Uninstall it in the Zoom marketplace, following Zoom's instructions.

  2. Navigate to the Zoom page in the Workspace Integrations section in Fellow (where the app was originally connected), and click the "Disconnect" button in the top right corner.

After disconnecting the integration Fellow will no longer have access to post notes in your Zoom account, and users in the workspace will no longer see the option to do so when sending notes.

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