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Create an Objective Cycle

Set a time period to complete your goals

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Most goals have a set timeline to be accomplished. In Fellow, there are Objective Cycles that define the period of time where the objective is being worked on, and hopefully eventually completed.

*** Objectives are an Enterprise Plan feature ***


Note: This can only be done by Workspace Admins

  1. Visit Workspace Settings --> Objective cycles and click on the Create cycle button in the upper right hand corner

  2. Add a name and a time period (start date and end date). You also have the option to add in a description to summarize the overall goal/focus of the cycle.

  3. Once created you can set the cycle as the default for your team to create objectives in.

    Or they can manually select the cycle from the drop down here.

  4. After the cycle has been created, you'll also have the option to edit the cycle at any time or archive it. Note: you will not be able to archive the default cycle.

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