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3. For Administrators: Set Up Your Workspace
Enable the Delegated Access feature for your workspace
Enable the Delegated Access feature for your workspace

An administrator will need to edit a setting in Workspace Settings --> Security

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** Delegated access is an Enterprise plan feature**

Delegated access is a great feature to use for roles such as administrative or executive assistance so they can help others prepare for their meetings ahead of time. Before delegated access can be granted by members of a workspace, it will need to be enabled by a workspace administrator.

Note: If you don't know who your account administrator is, you can find this out under User Settings


*These steps can only be done by a workspace admin

  1. Visit Workspace Settings

  2. Click on Security. Toggle on the Delegated access

  3. Once turned on, users in your workspace will see a new section titled Delegated access under their User Settings

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