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Upgrade to Fellow Pro

Learn more about our Pro features and the benefits of upgrading

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At the end of the day, Fellow Pro can help managers and their teams collaborate, build relationships, and work a bit better.

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to Pro:

  1. AI Access

    Use Fellow's AI features as your meeting's copilot! Take some of the work off of your team and put it onto our AI features instead to gain some time back in your schedule.

  2. Accountability

    Keep your team on track by adding due dates to your action items. Everyone will know who needs to do what and by when.

  3. Collaboration

    Note series and comments facilitate team collaboration and discussions outside of the meeting time. Collaborate with people outside of your organization with Guest Users and public links.

  4. Integrations

    Connect Fellow with the tools that you are already using like Asana, Jira, and Zapier. Create a master to-do list across platforms, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, and never lose track of action items. Or export notes to your internal wiki using our integrations with Confluence or Notion.

  5. Record Keeping

    Reference an unlimited history of your meeting notes including version history to track any document changes

View details of all Pro features

Fellow Pro builds on the features of the Fellow free plan. And includes:

Meeting Copilot

Fellow syncs with your calendar and creates a linked meeting note for every event with the ability to invite your meeting CoPilot to record, transcribe, and summarize your meeting. That means your meeting notes, action items, recording, transcription, and summary are all in one place and can be accessed through your calendar event or directly in Fellow at any time.

Meeting Automations

Simplify your meeting workflow using meeting automations. These meeting automations can free up your schedule by cancelling meetings with no agenda, remind your teammates to contribute to the agenda before the meeting starts, and send out recaps to stakeholders.


Simplify your workflow by connecting Fellow to some of the tools that you are already using. Learn more specifics about the integrations here:

Collaborate Across Workspaces (& Guest Users)

Joining meetings with external partners (such as vendors, agencies, and contractors) can feel a little disorganized – especially when there is no meeting agenda in place.

For that, we’ve created guest users and cross-workspace collaboration, a feature that allows you to break down communication walls and collaborate on a meeting agenda from two different workspaces – without needing to use the guest user capabilities

Enhancements on Action Items

Unique to Fellow Pro, assign a due date to an action item and keep your team accountable. Then sort your action items into Past Due, Due Soon, and Due Later.

Fellow Pro also allows users to assignee an action item to multiple people.

Note Series

Collaborate with your teammates outside of a meeting by using Note Series. This could be for team goals and projects, or just share your todo list.


Leave comments on your meeting note for potential async discussions.

Embedded Media

Create engaging meeting notes by embedding content from YouTube, Vimeo, Figma, Miro, Spotify, Loom, Giphy, Vidyard, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google sheets directly into your meeting notes.


Sections are a smart solution that automatically reminds the right people to contribute to the note and sets the stage for a productive meeting.

Public Links

Share a view-only version of your notes via Public Links. This is great for sharing notes with people outside of your organization or just outside of that meeting.

Note History/Searchable Notes

While on the Fellow free plan, you are limited to viewing a rolling history of notes, in Fellow Pro you will have an unlimited historical view. Meaning that you can keep scrolling and review the notes from a few months ago. (However, if you are on the free plan, your notes will not be deleted, they will just be blocked from view)

Note Versioning

Go back and restore previous versions of your notes and see what has been changed over time.

Limit Invites and Self-signup

Decide whether or not to restrict the ability for users to invite other team members to your workspace. Once enabled, new invites can only be sent by an administrator.

Export as a Google Doc

For Google workspaces, you will have the option to export a whole meeting note as a Google Doc.

As well as the option to export a single note as a Google Doc.

If you have any questions, send us a message using the chat icon at the bottom of your screen and we'd be happy to help! Or email

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