Looking to Go Pro? Here are some reasons why you should, and descriptions of all the extra features that Pros have access to. 

Why should you go Pro?

A few reasons - Fellow Pro can help build team accountability with due dates on action items, keep track of meeting notes by having everything in one central place, and encourage a feedback culture within your organization.
At the end of the day, Fellow Pro can help managers and their teams collaborate, build relationships, and work a bit better. 

Feature Breakdown: (insert DJ disk scratching sound...) 

Fellow Pro builds on the features of Fellow Basic. 

Note History/Searchable Notes
While on Fellow Basic, you are limited to seeing notes written up to 45 days ago, in Fellow Pro you will have an unlimited historical view. Meaning that you can keep scrolling and review the notes from a few months ago. (However, if you are on the basic plan, your notes will not be deleted after 45 days, they will just be blocked from view)

Due Dates on Action Items
Unique to Fellow Pro, assign a due date to an action item and keep your team accountable. Then sort your action items into Past Due, Due Soon, and Due Later.

Feedback and Recognition [Organization Feature Only]
Give and receive feedback from your teammates and colleagues. You'll have the ability to send feedback requests to ask about yourself, a meeting, a teammates, or anything. If you make a mistake on who you ask, don't worry! You'll be able to edit the recipients and who the feedback is shared with after the fact. You can also send reminders to people who haven't responded yet, aggregate the responses, and more! (I've clearly watched far too many infomercials...)

Shared Streams

Collaborate with your teammates outside of a meeting. This could be for team goals and projects, or just share your todo list.

Note Versioning
Go back and restore previous versions of your notes and see what has been changed over time. 

Company Wide Templates
Create and apply default templates to your one-on-ones, meetings, and personal notes. If you have a template that you like and would like to encourage others to use, you can create a template and apply it company wide - meaning that any employee will be able to use that template, or make it a default. 

If you have any questions, email sales@fellow.app and we'd be happy to help!

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