These are templates that will be available to everyone in your account for their Meetings, 1-on-1's, and Priorities.

Note: Users will still be able to create and customize their own templates, but these are the ones available to everyone in the organization

Use the vertical '...' button to disable and delete templates or to set them as a default. (You'll have to hover over the template card). To edit, just click on the template.

Add new company wide templates

Click 'Create new template' in the top right corner. 

Select the type of template that you would like to create (Meetings, 1-on-1s, Personal, Priorities)

Then start adding to your template - you can add talking points, action items, Headers, and more!

Once you have created your template, click 'Save Template'

These templates will then appear in a "Workspace Templates" section when a user goes to apply a template.

Note: This is an organization plan feature

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