At the top of each note, there is a button in the upper right hand corner.

You will then see the option to "Send via email", "Send via Slack", etc.

Send via email

If you would like to send the notes via email, the names will be pre-populated with the meeting attendees. You can add and/or remove anyone from this list.

It's great if you would like to send the notes to an external attendee or someone who didn't attend the meeting.

It's also a way to have a back-up copy of your notes in your email!

Send via Slack

You can choose to send the notes to a public or private channel, or via directly to a colleague.

By clicking on the drop down, you will see the options where in Slack you can send the notes.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can type in the name of a user of channel - but don't include @ or # in your search.

Send via Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams, choose the team where you would like the notes sent, then select the channel/user.

By clicking Send, you will send the notes directly to that channel

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