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Send Out Your Agenda and Notes
Send Out Your Agenda and Notes

Send out a copy of your notes via email, Slack, Teams, Zapier, etc. Or export the notes to Google Docs, Notion or Confluence.

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At the top of each note, there is a paper plane icon in the upper right hand corner.

You will then see several options including:

Send via email

If you would like to send the notes via email, the names will be pre-populated with the meeting attendees. You can add and/or remove anyone from this list.

It's great if you would like to send the notes to an external attendee or someone who didn't attend the meeting.

Send via Slack

You can choose to send the notes to a public or private channel, or via directly to a colleague.

By clicking on the drop down, you will see the options where in Slack you can send the notes. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can type in the name of a user of channel - but don't include @ or # in your search.

Send via Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams, choose the team where you would like the notes sent, then select the channel/user.

By clicking Send, you will send the notes directly to that channel

Send note to Zapier

With Zapier, you can connect Fellow with over 5000+ apps! This means that you can send notes from Fellow to other tools that we don't currently integrate with such as Evernote, Confluence, or Pipedrive.

To do this, you'll first need to set up the Zap in Zapier. Full instructions to do that can be found here.

Once set up, you can easily send notes to that tool by clicking on the Send notes button at the top of the note and selecting Send note via Zapier.

Send note to HubSpot or Salesforce

Keep things simple by sending the customer meeting notes you take in Fellow directly to HubSpot or Salesforce. This will ensure that everything is tracked and organized.

First connect the HubSpot or Salesforce integrations. Then after your next customer call, click on Send notes --> Send note to HubSpot or Salesforce. Then select the Contact, Company or Deal that you would like the notes to be attached to.

These notes can also be set up to send automatically 3hrs after the meeting ends and can include the AI recap.

Learn more about Fellow's integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce.

Send to Zoom

Keep team members updated and share notes via Zoom chat channels by connecting the Zoom chatbot.

Once the Zoom chatbot has been connected, a new option to send notes via Zoom will appear in the Send Notes modal available in all notes, and in the meeting automations. After pressing Send, the notes are sent off to the Zoom chat channel!

Export as Google Doc

When you click on the Send notes button you'll also see the option to Export as a a Google Doc. This means that Fellow will create a document in Google Docs containing those meeting notes.

To do this, you will need to choose an account and give permission for Fellow to access Google Docs. Fellow will only create documents, we will not be able to view or edit any of your other content

Review the document name. By default this will be [Fellow] and the name of the note but feel free to customize this to your style/system. Then press Export.

Export to Notion or Confluence

Similar to the option to export as a Google Doc, there is also the option to export a note to Notion or Confluence. To do this, you will first need to set-up the Notion integration or the Confluence integration in User Settings.

Then view the note you would like to export, click Send notes --> Export note to Notion. Then select the place where you would like the notes to get sent to.

Then press Export and you are good to go - your Fellow notes will appear in Notion or Confluence.

Learn more about Fellow's integration with Notion or Confluence.

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