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Set up the Notion integration
Set up the Notion integration

How to set it up so meeting notes can be exported to Notion

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If you are using Notion as an internal wiki or database, keep things simple by exporting Fellow notes directly to your Notion workspace.


  1. Visit User Settings --> Apps & integrations. Scroll to the Automation section and find the Notion card.

  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the Notion card and press Connect.

  3. Choose the workspace that you would to connect with Fellow. Then press Select pages.

  4. Specify the pages that you would like Fellow to be able to send notes to. Essentially these pages will be the place that the notes are sent from Fellow into Notion. Press Allow access

  5. You'll then see a notification pop up at the bottom of your screen confirming that the integration has been connected.

Next Steps

  1. Visit the meeting note that you would like to export to Notion.

  2. Click on the Send notes button at the top of the note

  3. Click Export to Notion

  4. Choose the parent page or Notion database where you would like to note to go.

  5. You'll also have the option to include private notes. Check off the box to include these in your export

  6. Press Export.

  7. Once exported, you'll see a window letting you know that your export has been complete.

  8. Post export, the notes will look something like this in Notion.

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