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We know that it can be challenging bouncing between different tools. That's why we've built a MS Teams integration so that you can use Fellow without ever leaving MS Teams.

Here things that you can do with the Integration:

Home Panel Access

Access Fellow directly through your MS Teams home panel by pinning the app as picture here:

Video Conferencing

Take your notes in the same window as your video call.

Fellow tab

Within a Teams Channel, you'll have the option to add a Fellow tab. This lets users create a shared Note series (or select an existing Note series) that will always be available within that tab.

Note: If a member of your Fellow workspace is a guest in your Teams organization, they can access Fellow tabs that are added in Teams, but they can not add new Fellow tabs to a chat or channel.

For example, if you have a teams channel for a group project then you can link a shared to-do list of sorts to keep everyone on track. Which includes action items, due dates, private notes, and a history of all earlier notes.

You can even also add this tab to a specific meeting, meaning that you'll have those Fellow notes right inside Teams.

To access the private notes section, click on the private notes button and it will open the private notes window on the right side of your note.

Link unfurling and sending notes

Similar to Slack, there’s an option in the “Send Notes” modal which lets you choose a channel or user to send a Fellow note to. This can help make MS Teams the place to send/share meeting agendas - which may prompt your team to contribute their own talking points.

If you paste a link to a Fellow note in one of your messages, the note will unfurl and provide more information about that note.

Add Action Items and Talking Points to Fellow from Teams

If you see a post that prompts more discussion

When someone posts something that needs further discussion, you can directly add it to a Fellow note, like a meeting note, 1-on-1, or shared Note series. This way you won't forget about it, and you'll have time to discuss the issue.

Drop yourself a note directly from Teams to Note Series

If you have a random thought while using MS Teams, use the 3 dot menu at the bottom of the text box, then select Fellow to post a thought directly into Fellow. You can even make it a talking point or action item.

Either way, choose the name of the Note series/meeting that you would like the note to go

Respond to and/or request Feedback

Respond to a feedback request

Provide your answers to feedback requests quickly and efficiently.

Ask for feedback

Initiate a feedback request and promote a growth culture within your team.

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