***HubSpot Integration is available for users on the Org Plan***

Fellow's HubSpot integration makes it easy to connect your meeting notes with information in your CRM.

Information from HubSpot will be easily accessible on a right hand panel beside your meeting notes. Then after the meeting has ended, you can easily attach your notes back to the contact, company, or deal in HubSpot for accurate record keeping.

To get into more specifics:

What does the HubSpot integration look like in Fellow?

During meetings with external attendees (client/customer), you'll see a panel on the right hand side of the note, right above the private notes section. This panel will contain information about the person who you are meeting with. In this case, I can see both the Contact and Account. By clicking on the contact or account, it will immediately open the HubSpot profile in a new tab.

After the call has ended, you'll also have the option to send those notes to HubSpot and have all relevant information in your CRM.

When would I use the HubSpot integration?

The main use case for the HubSpot integration is during calls with external attendees such as clients or customers. These are people outside of your organization that likely have an associated HubSpot contact.

Who needs to set-up the integration?

HubSpot is a user-level integration, which means that each person who wants to use this integration will need to connect it themselves. This can be set up in User Settings --> Apps & Integrations.

Full set-up instructions can be found here.

What type of information can I send from Fellow to HubSpot?

You can link meeting notes to a Contact(s) , Company, or Deal(s).

Once the notes have been sent, they'll appear as a logged call in HubSpot and can be found later under the Calls tab.

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