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HubSpot Integration Basics
HubSpot Integration Basics

An introduction into Fellow's integration with HubSpot

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***HubSpot Integration is available for users on the Business or Enterprise Plans***


The HubSpot integration allows you to easily centralize all your customer information by sending your meeting notes and AI-generated recaps to HubSpot.

Additionally, the integration will help you prepare for an upcoming call by showing you information about the contact that you’re about to meet with alongside your notes in Fellow.

Setting up the integration

The integration needs to be set up by each user that wants to connect Fellow with their HubSpot account. You can do this by going to User Settings --> Apps & Integrations. More details here

Viewing HubSpot Info alongside your meeting notes

When a calendar event has an attendee that is external to your organization and that attendee has a matching contact in HubSpot, information about that contact will show in a panel alongside your note. The panel will contain relevant information about the contact including the Company and related Deals.

Sending your Notes & AI recap from Fellow to HubSpot

There are two ways that you can send your Fellow notes and AI recap to HubSpot

  1. Sending automatically

    You can configure the integration to send your notes and AI recap to salesforce automatically 3 hours after the end of your meeting. If there are no AI recap or written notes, nothing will be sent to HubSpot.

    This will create a Call in HubSpot associated to the Contacts on the calendar event and any Company or Deal associated to that Contact. This can also be configured to associate the Call to any Deals associated with the Company And whether you would like the AI recap and link to the recording included in the notes sent to HubSpot. If so, the meeting recap will show like this:

    CRM with Copilot Recap.mp4 [crop output image]

    You can configure this to send your notes and AI recap to HubSpot. To set this up, visit User Settings --> Apps and integrations and click on the HubSpot card. These configurations are accessible at the bottom of the page.

  2. Sending manually

    You can opt to send your notes and AI recap to HubSpot manually by disabling automatic sending in the HubSpot integration settings.

    To send the notes manually you will need to navigate to a meeting with an external attendee that has a matching Contact or Lead in HubSpot. You will then see the option to send notes.

    Click Send note to HubSpot. Choose the Contact(s), Company, or Deal(s) that you want to associate with this note. You can also choose whether to include the AI recap.

    Once sent, the notes will appear like this in HubSpot.

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