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Fellow's Slack integration
Fellow's Slack integration

Learn how to use Fellow's slack integration

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Fellow is fully integrated with Slack, allowing the app to fit seamlessly into your workflow. This integration allows users to add to their meeting agendas, respond to feedback, and a lot more.

Fellow's Slack integration can be broken down into 4 areas [Slack --> Fellow]

There is also the option to send Fellow things to Slack. This includes

Below, we'll dive into the benefits and features of each!

The Fellow Slack bot

The Fellow Bot appears under the Apps section of the navigation bar. This bot for users who like to stay in Slack - you'll get reminders, be able to contribute to agendas, and respond to feedback. All without leaving Slack

Fellow Digest

The Fellow digest is a weekly or daily summary sent via the Fellow Slack bot. In the morning, you'll receive an overview of your day/week and what you have in Fellow. This includes upcoming meetings, actions items, and any feedback requests that you need to respond to.


This bot sends reminders about upcoming meetings to encourage preparation, notifies you when someone sends a feedback request, and shares a daily digest of important action items and meetings.

Add content

Directly via the Fellow bot, you can add talking points to a meeting agenda. The day of a 1-on-1 meeting, you'll be sent a message by the Slack bot letting you know of the upcoming meeting. In the message below, you'll see the option [+Add] to the agenda. Click on the button, type your content, and you'll all set - meeting preparation made easy.

View/Respond to Feedback

The Fellow Slackbot is also a great co-pilot for gathering feedback.

Here you'll be able to see a compilation of the feedback that was given about a meeting you organized.

Or be notified about an upcoming feedback request.

Slack Actions 

If you see something interesting in Slack that you think deserves further in-person discussion, you can act on it right from Slack. 

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post in Slack. If you don't see any Fellow actions, click on More Message Shortcuts and then search for "Fellow". This helps limit what gets forgotten and helps facilitate productive meetings.

Steps in the Slack Workflow Builder

Create your own Fellow <> Slack integration by automating with Fellow steps in the Slack Workflow builder. This is great for automating and completing small tasks such as creating recurring action items. And no coding is required!

Fellow's Slack App Home

The Fellow Slack App Home shows a big picture of your workday including upcoming meetings, recent activity and quick actions. These quick actions allow you to quickly ask for feedback from your teammates without having to create a new request in Fellow.


For each Note series, you have the option to set up automations and have those automations be sent to Slack. This is particularly helpful to remind your teammates to contribute to an agenda.

Send Notes

Notes can be sent from Fellow to a private channel, a public channel, or directly to a person. Here are links to detailed guides on how to send notes to each:

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