Check out this video for a complete walkthrough. 

Fellow is fully integrated with Slack, allowing the app to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Here are some of the things that you can do with Fellow using Slack: 

The Fellow Slack bot


Insights are suggestions that Fellow sends on Slack. Because Fellow is creating a work graph of everyone’s work interactions, we are able to make smart suggestions that enable you to be the best manager and your team to do their best work. 

You can always act on an insight when it appears in the Fellow bot on Slack. In this example, clicking on the green button will take you to Fellow to give feedback to Josef. 

Respond to feedback

When someone asks you for feedback you are notified on Slack. 

You can respond to this feedback without leaving Slack by clicking one of the feedback response buttons. 

Reminders and meeting prep 

Fellow sends you a reminder before meetings and a prompt to review your notes.

Clicking the green ‘yes’ button will take you directly to the meeting notes on Slack so you can prepare for the meeting. Learn how you can adjust your notifications here. 

Daily Digest 

Every morning Fellow sends you a summary of what you have going on that day, including upcoming meetings and outstanding action items.

Clicking on the meeting time will take you to Fellow to allow you to prepare for the meeting. 

Slack Actions 

If you see something interesting in Slack that you think deserves further in-person discussion, you can act on it right from Slack. 

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post in Slack. Then click ‘Add to 1-on-1’ or ‘Add to Meeting Notes.’

1 Choose which meeting or 1-on-1 you would like to add the note to by clicking the drop down arrow. 

2 You can write the talking point in the text box. 

3 Click ‘Add’ to add the talking point to your meeting. 

Being able to use Fellow from Slack allows Fellow to fit seamlessly into your workflow. 

Interested? Check out this video to learn how to install!

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