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Salesforce Integration Basics
Salesforce Integration Basics

An introduction into Fellow's integration with Salesforce

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*** Salesforce Integration is available for users on the Business or Enterprise Plans***

Fellow’s Salesforce integration makes it easy to connect your meeting notes with information in your CRM.

Essentially this means that you can pull information from Salesforce into Fellow so that you have all the relevant information on hand during client calls. After the call is done, you can send information from Fellow into Salesforce, for example by creating a Note in Salesforce related to the Contact and Account.

To get into more specifics:

What does the Salesforce integration look like in Fellow?

Information about that client/customer will appear in a panel on the right hand side of the note, right above the private notes section. This panel will contain relevant information including the Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead or Case.

When would I use the Salesforce integration?

The Salesforce integration is primarily used for meetings with external attendees/clients or other people outside of your organization that you would have a Salesforce profile for. The Salesforce panel will only appear in meetings where there is an external attendees, it won't appear during team meetings or 1-on-1s.

Who needs to set-up the integration?

This is a user-level integration, which means that each person who wants to use this integration will need to connect their Fellow account with their Salesforce account. You can access this in User Settings --> Apps & Integrations.

What type of information can I send from Fellow to Salesforce?

When sending your notes from Fellow to Salesforce you can choose whether you want to create a Note or a Task (Call) in Salesforce to store those notes.

If you create a Note you will be able to relate it to a Contact, Account or Opportunity. If you have enhanced Notes enabled in Salesforce your note will maintain some basic formatting from your Fellow note.

If you create a Task (Call) you will be able to relate it to a Contact, Account, Opportunity or Case.

In this case, I've created a Task in Salesforce and related it to an Opportunity. In Salesforce, this is how they appear:

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