Every meeting or stream that you have might have its own "defaults" or "preferences". It can be hard to keep track of, but you can use Stream settings to set/edit those defaults.

These Stream settings can be found under "More actions" in the upper right hand corner of the note.


Set a default template for that stream. Or check that the right template is being used.

Sometimes, a template gets saved with incorrect information (like extra talking points). This can get confusing, but to resolve this you can go to Stream settings and see what is part of the template.

Or maybe your meeting has "outgrown" its template. Use Stream settings to "Browse templates" and find/create a new template that works better.

Carry forward

Carry forward is when incomplete action items and/or talking points are carried forward to the next instance of the meeting so that nothing gets lost.

For both talking points and action items, there are three options: Ask me, Always, Never

Always and never are fairly clear, either items are automatically carried forward each time or no items are ever carried forward.

For the Ask me option, when a new note is created you will see a banner at the top of the note showing the number of incomplete action items and/or talking points. In this case, I have 2 of each.

I then have the choice if I want these carried forward or not. And I make this choice by pressing No or Yes.

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