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It's hard to know how effective your meetings are if you never ask the meeting attendees. With meeting feedback, the meeting organizer will be able to get a quick pulse check on how things are going and what still could be improved.

This regular feedback can help your meetings become more effective.

Here are the main questions we'll be addressing in this article:

What is meeting feedback?

At the bottom of every meeting note will be a thumbs up icon. Think about this as a like button on social media.

After the meeting ends, meeting attendees will see a pop-up prompting them to give feedback. Attendees can select the emoji that best answers the question "How was the meeting?"

After they choose an emoji, they can elaborate on why the meeting was great or why the meeting was not so great. They'll be able to give a thumbs up/thumbs down on various aspects of the meetings such as agenda structure, length of meeting, and discussion.

When responding to feedback, feel free to elaborate on your response via the text box.

Who can see meeting feedback?

You will not see a feedback tab within a meeting until a meeting participant has provided feedback on at least one instance of an event within that meeting. Responses will be shared with all users of the note. (So any event attendees and/or anyone who the notes has been shared with). However, guest users will not be able to see these responses.

When you go to submit feedback, you'll be able to confirm who will be able to see the feedback at the top of the form (in the purple box).

By default, meeting feedback is set as anonymous. You can turn this off by going to Settings --> Tabs and bookmarks --> Feedback --> Configure.

Where is meeting feedback compiled?

Meeting feedback is compiled in the Feedback tab in the note series. Here you can see an overview of how your participants are feeling about the meeting. Are they happy overall? How do they feel about the agenda, length, and discussion?

This information, along with the suggestions, can be incredibly valuable to determine how to make your meetings as productive and impactful as possible.

The graph below will also show you how the overall meeting satisfaction has changed over time. (And if it is trending in the right direction!).

How can I ask for meeting feedback?

By default, meeting attendees will be prompted for feedback once the meeting ends. Once attendees click on the End meeting button - this will open the feedback form.

If a meeting attendee uses our Chrome extension, they'll be prompted for feedback whenever they click end call and hang up.

Enterprise plan users will also be able to create custom meeting feedback requests using the "Ask about a meeting" option in the feedback section.

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