It's common to discuss objectives during team meetings. Team members might give updates on their progress, discuss challenges, or maybe want to celebrate a completed goal. Keep things simple and easy by adding an Objective tab to a Stream. This will let you review your objectives and their status without having to leave the Stream.

*** Objectives are an Enterprise Plan beta feature ***


  1. Visit the stream that you where you want the objective tab and click on More Actions --> Stream Settings

  2. Select Objectives from the sidebar and set the toggle to on.

  3. Edit any settings including any filters that you would like to add. For example, if that stream is for a team meeting you can add filters so that you only see that team's objective. In this case, I'm looking at only Marketing objectives since this is a Weekly Performance Marketing meeting.

  4. Once added, I will see the Objective tab next to the Action Item and Feedback tabs.

  5. At any time I can review the objectives and filters for this tab

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