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Bookmark and Tabs

An feature overview of bookmark and tabs

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Bookmarks and tabs allow Fellow users to pin internal and/or external resources to a meeting in Fellow. This means that you'll be able to bring everything that you need to refer to during a meeting right into Fellow - no need to have to jump between tools. Though anybody can add bookmarks and tabs, this is a great way for meeting organizers to ensure quick access to recurring resources for all meeting attendees.

In this article, we'll cover:

What are bookmarks and tabs?

Bookmarks: A link to a resource outside of Fellow

Tabs: Content that was created in Fellow. These could be action items, objectives, feedback, or other notes and note series.

Where can I find bookmarks and tabs?

Bookmarks and tabs will appear at the top of each meeting note in Fellow, right below the title of the meeting. They'll be specific and unique to each meeting.

What sort of things can I add as a bookmark?

There are three different types of bookmarks and tabs that can be added to different note series.

Fellow features

  • Action items

  • Objectives

  • Meeting feedback

Other Fellow notes

  • Shared note series

  • Other meetings

  • Private note series

External links

  • Analytics (Heap, Google Analytics, Amplitude, Redash, etc.)

  • Design files (Figma, etc.)

  • Document in knowledge base and wiki tools (Confluence, Notion, etc.)

  • Whiteboards and other collaboration tools (Miro, Whimsical, etc.)

How can I add a bookmark or tab?

To add a bookmark or tab to a note series, visit that series. Underneath the note series title, you will see the default tab (Notes). Click on the plus button beside this tab to add more tabs.

For the feature tabs, you'll just need to toggle them on or off.

To add an external resource, click "Add a bookmark", then paste the link that you would like to make a bookmark. Edit the title to show how you would like it to appear in the note series header.

To add a Fellow note as a tab, select that option from the drop down and search for the related notes. The note contents will only be visible to the people who already have access, but everyone else on that note series will be able to see that tab (just not the contents)

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