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Explaining Fellow's meeting automations and why you should try them
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Outside of the meeting itself, there are other parts of the meeting workflow including reminding participants to contribute and review the agenda, cancelling the meeting if there is nothing to talk about, or even just sending out a recap afterwards to all stakeholders. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to do all of that yourself?

Introducing Fellow's Meeting Automations!

*** Meeting Automations are a Pro Feature ***

In this article, we'll cover: (Feel free to jump ahead to the subheading you're most interested in)

What are meeting automations?

Meeting automations are actions that can be configured to happen before or after the meeting. At its core, meeting automations allow you to automate part of your meeting workflow including sending reminders, cancelling if there is no agenda, and send out recaps afterwards.

Meeting automations are stream specific, meaning that the automation will only apply to the stream where it is set-up.

What types of meeting automations are available in Fellow?

Time Saver

At Fellow, we have a saying "no agenda, no attenda". If your upcoming meeting agenda has no content waiting to be discussed, there may not be anything to talk about. In those situations, it's fine to just cancel the meeting.

With the Time Saver automation, you can do this automatically. Fellow will identify meetings with no agenda and will either automatically cancel these meetings (freeing up room in your calendar) or give attendees the option to cancel manually.

Pre-meeting Reminders

With everything else going on in your workday, it's easy to forget to prepare for a meeting. Set up automatic reminders to be sent to the meeting attendees. This will remind people to add their own thoughts and ideas. These automatic reminders can be set up to be sent via email, Slack, or MS Teams.

Post-meeting Recap

Keep stakeholders on the same page by sending out a meeting recap after the meeting has ended. Recaps can be sent via email, Slack, or MS Teams and can be sent to non-meeting attendees as well.

Add to Section Reminders

Configure a section where all or some of the meeting attendees will be required to contribute in advance of the meeting. These sections will appear in the agenda with a purple lightning bolt

Choose a time interval before the meeting in order to send out reminders to these participants. Reminders will be sent out via all channels (emails, push, Slack, and Teams)

Where can I find the meeting automation settings?

Click on the lightning bolt icon (⚡️ ) at the top of the stream

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