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Link a Stream to an Asana Project
Link a Stream to an Asana Project

Steps to connect a specific stream with a specific Asana project

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If you are meeting about a specific project, you might want to have any action items assigned synced with the related project board in Asana.

You can now do this via Stream Settings

The Basics

Once set-up (more specifics on that below), action items from this stream will be synced with Asana meaning that when you create an action item in Fellow an identical item will be created on your Asana project.

Once checked off in Asana, the action item will also be checked-off in Fellow. (It's a 2-way sync).

It's important to note though how these stream specific settings work with the overall Asana integration that you might have set-up in User Settings. If you have this set up with no specific stream setting, then your action item will sync to the project you specified when you first set up your account.

But if you do have a specific project linked to that stream, then this will override that and the action item will be synced with that specific project.


1. Visit the stream and click the vertical 3 dot menu, then select Stream Settings from the drop down menu

2. Select Asana from the side panel and click on Integrations

3. Select a workspace and project. You then have the option whether to a) sync over all the current incomplete action items and all the new ones going forward or b) just sync over the ones created in the future.

4. Once connected, you will be able to change or remove this by visiting Stream settings at any time. You will also be able to see which person set this up in the first place.

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