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Explore Fellow's templates to help you structure any document

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Meeting agenda templates are a great way to provide structure to your notes and set your meeting up for success! In this article, we'll cover the who, what, where of templates in Fellow.

What are templates?

When building an agenda, you don't need to start from scratch each time. Instead, use a template to do the base formatting for you and automatically format it for the purpose of your meeting. If you have a set structure, save your template with your customized headers and subheadings.

Or if you are looking for inspiration, browse Fellow's template library. We have built in templates for all sorts of meeting types - project kickoff, first 1-on-1, remote team meeting, level 10 meetings, and more.

In Fellow, there are two types of templates - note and feedback. Note templates can be applied to any Fellow note (ex. meeting, 1-on-1, shared note series). While Feedback templates can be applied when you are sending out a feedback request. Both types offer some great inspiration if you are looking to ask some new questions during your meetings or when giving feedback!

Where to find templates?

There are a three main places to view/access templates.

  • Clicking on templates in the settings drop down (A) will bring you to the entire template section.

  • Templates will be suggested to you when starting a new note that doesn't already have a template (B). From there you can view more templates to find the one that works best for you.

  • Clicking on the three dot drop down in the upper right hand corner of the note will give you the option to Apply a template and view more templates in our gallery. (C)




What you can do with templates

Apply one of Fellow's built-in templates

In a note, click 'Apply Template,' click on a template to see a preview then click 'Apply Template.

You can also set a template as a defaults so that every time you create a new 1-on-1 document this template will show up. This can be helpful if you find a template that you love and want to use it for every meeting with that team member. You can do this by checking the box. You can find full instructions here.

Create your own templates

You can create your own templates and save them for future use. When you go to create a template, you will see a form (shown below).

Add a title and description. Then choose a category - like 1-on-1s, meetings. etc. Then add content and press "Save template".

There are a few places where you can create templates. The easiest way to navigate would be to select "Templates" form the settings drop down. Then "Create new template" in the upper right hand corner.

Company templates

We also support company wide templates (for Business Plan users), which means templates can be shared throughout an organization;

To use this template, users can choose "Apply a template" and choose "Workspace templates" on the left hand side. This will show them all the templates that admin have explicitly shared as workspace templates.

If you want to learn more about creating these templates, check out this article.

Feedback templates

When giving or asking for feedback you can apply Fellow's feedback templates. These can offer inspiration and make it easier for you to ask for feedback! Once you choose a template you can also customize the text of the template and add questions after you have applied it.

Read more about creating your own custom feedback templates here!

Ready to get started with templates? Access expert-approved meeting templates here

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