Fellow has created templates that you can apply to a document to automatically format it for the purpose of your meeting.

1-on-1 and Meeting templates 

Templates allow you to structure a meeting for a specific purpose- without having to come up with the format! Just find the template that suits the purpose of your meeting, from suggesting questions to "check in" with your teammates, to conversation topics to "get to know each other." 

How to apply a template 

Click 'Apply Template,' click on a template to see a preview then click 'Apply Template'. 

Setting a template as default

You can also set a template as a default so that every time you create a new 1-on-1 document this template will show up. This can be helpful if you find a template that you love and want to use it for every meeting with that team member. You can do this by checking the box. 

Creating your own custom template

You can create your own templates and save them to use for upcoming meetings or 1-on-1s from the User Settings page.

Feedback templates 

When giving or asking for feedback you can apply Fellow's feedback templates. These can offer inspiration and make it easier for you to ask for feedback! Once you choose a template you can also customize the text of the template and add questions after you have applied it.
Read more about creating your own custom feedback templates here!

Templates help you format your text- making it easier to prep for a meeting, and give and ask for feedback. They also offer some great inspiration if you are looking to ask some new questions during your meetings or when giving feedback!

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