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Connect your Trello account
Connect your Trello account

How to connect Fellow <> Trello

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Fellow's Trello integration is at the user level, meaning that if someone connects the integration, it'll just be set up for them not the whole team. Every team member who would like to take advantage of this integration will need to go through the following steps

Note: this integration is a Pro plan (and above) feature

If you interested in connecting a specific note series with Trello, jump to this section below


  1. Navigate to User settings --> Apps & integrations and scroll to the Automation section.

  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the Trello card and press Connect.

  3. You'll then get a pop-up asking "Would you like to give the following application access to your account".

    Review the permissions, scroll to the bottom and press Allow.

  4. Once connected, you'll see a successful notification at the bottom of your screen

That's it! You'll now bee able to sync individual action items with Trello cards.

Connect a Note Series to Trello

If you have a specific note series that corresponds to a Trello board, you can set it up so that all action items created in this note series are automatically sent to that Trello board - no manual work required. To do this:

  1. Visit the relevant Note series

  2. Click on the triple dots in the upper right hand corner. Select Settings from the drop down

  3. Then select Integrations from the side bar. Click on Trello.

  4. Pick the board that you would like to sync with the note series. Then decide which list the action items should go when they are incomplete or when they get completed

  5. Press Connect.

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