Depending on the situation, both methods can be very useful. Here are steps for both methods

Method 1 - Start from Scratch

Step 1

Go to the Home Panel and scroll until you see the Other streams section. Then click on the plus bottom

Step 2

You will then be prompted to create a stream as usual and adding a name and description (optional). There is just an extra step to add the people who you would like to share the stream with

Method 2 - Convert an Existing Stream into a Shared Stream

Step 1

To turn a stream into a shared stream, first find the stream on the Home Panel under Other Streams.

Step 2 

Once that stream is selected, click on the Share button in the upper right hand corner of the stream.

Step 3

Add the other users to the stream.

Step 4

Then you should be all good to go! View the stream in the Others section of the Home Panel

TIP💡: You can also click on the icon with the silhouette of a person/people to update who has visibility on these streams.

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