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An overview of Fellow's embeddable media feature

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During a meeting, you might find yourself needing to link out to different services/platforms in order to share information. Keep things simple by embedding media directly into your Fellow note and have everything in one place.

We'll be covering these topics in this article:

What does it mean to "embed media" into a Fellow note?

When you embed media into a Fellow note, the media will be directly inserted into the body of the note. Once embedded, you'll be able to interact with the media in the same way you would on the main website. For example, if you embed a YouTube video then you'll be able to play the YouTube video without ever leaving the note.

This is great for adding context and content to your meeting note.

What services/types of media do you currently support?

We currently support 10 services: YouTube, Miro, Figma, Giphy, Vimeo, Loom, and Spotify, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

This means that you can embed YouTube or Vimeo or Loom videos, Miro boards, Figma files, Gifs, a Google Sheet, or Spotify playlists directly into your Fellow note. And this media is interactive so you can watch the video, add content to your Miro board, move around the entire Figma file, and play songs without having to leave your meeting note.

Where can I embed media?

Media can be embedded into any Fellow note including meeting notes, private series, and shared series. Media can even be embedded into note-templates!

Troubleshooting: Why is my link not being embedded?

There are a few reasons

  1. The link that you are pasting is already embedded in the note. If this is the case, then the media will not embed automatically. However, you can embed a duplicate via the Slash menu.

  2. There might be an error in the link causing the link to point to content that doesn't exist. To test this out, simply copy the link directly into your browser and see if it works.

  3. You might not have permission to access that file or are not signed into your account. The content might be listed as private, or only accessible by select users.

  4. The link might be for a service/platform that we do not support yet. Currently, we only support YouTube, Miro, Figma, Giphy, Vimeo, and Spotify. If there is another service/platform that you would like Fellow to support, please send us a message!

  5. Embedded media is a Pro feature, so if you are not currently on a paid plan, you won't be able to embed media.

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