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Keep everyone on track by assigning due dates on action items! [pro feature]

All due dates will be sorted into a category - Past Due, Due Today, Due Soon, and Due Later.

Each of these categories have colour indicators - meaning that the due dates will appear these colours:

Red for Past Due

Yellow for Due Today and Due Soon

Black for Due Later

Assign a Due Date

You can assign a due date to an action item by clicking on the clock icon (🕓) right beside the face of the assigned person. (At the far end of the line in the note).

Remove a Due Date

To remove a due date, you'll just need to click on the due date which will open a calendar with the option to remove in the upper right hand corner.

Change a Due Date

Similarly, to change a due date, click on the due date and select a different date in your calendar. You'll be able to edit the due date anywhere that you can see it (whether it's in the note itself, the action item page, or in the action item tab)

See + Sort Your Due Dates

Once a due date is assigned, you will be able to view the due date in the note itself, in the action items page, and on the homepage [you can also see them in your digest emails or in Slack].

In the action items section, drag and drop your action items with due dates into the relevant categories for optimal organization :)

For meetings (and 1-on-1s) and streams, there is an action items tab where you can sort by due date to see what the outstanding tasks are for that stream/meeting.

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