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Create Public Links

Share a "view-only" link with people outside of your meeting

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By creating a public link, you'll have a new way to share your meeting agenda. Public links are great for real-time note-taking where people can follow along with the note without editing the note themselves.

***Note: this is as paid feature and can be turned off/on by an Admin in Workspace Settings --> Security

Steps for creating these public links

1. Go to the Meeting Note/Series that you would like to create the public link for. Click on the Share button in the upper right hand corner

2. Make sure the drop down menu is set to "Can view".

When this is enabled, you can click "Copy link" and the link will be active as long as "Can view" is selected.

3. Copy the link and share it with whoever you want.

This is an example of what the note would look like when accessed via a shared public link. Each anonymous user will show up as an animal icon with the rest of the presence indicators.

If the person is not a meeting attendee and/or a guest that has not be explicitly invited to collaborate in Fellow, then they will see a view-only document. As indicated by this message.

Note: If the person is a meeting attendee with collaboration access, then they'll be redirected to an editable version of the note.

Turning Links Off

To turn off the link and to "turn off" the public shared aspect, repeat the process in step 2, but switch the selection to "No access".

If someone tries to use this link after the link has been turned off, they will see a 404 page like this, with a note that this link might have expired.

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