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Defining all the terms we use in the app
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Welcome to the Fellow Glossary, which will clarify all of the terms that we use in the app. This glossary is split into three sections: navigating Fellow, navigating a note, or navigating the feedback section. 

Navigating Fellow 

Section - Main features in Fellow; 1-on-1s, meetings, and feedback. Accessible on the left side bar of your screen.

Tabs - Different pages within a section. Accessible at the top of a page in a section. Ex. Discussion, Feedback and Priorities are the tabs in the 1-on-1 section

1-on-1 - How we refer to the relationship between a direct report and their manager. You can find the 1-on-1 notes, feedback and priorities you share with a direct-report here. 

1-on-1 note - This is the shared working document in your 1-on-1 Discussion tab.

Insights - Smart suggestions from Fellow that encourage you to do the things that great managers do such as: give feedback, set up a 1-on-1, ask for feedback about a direct report, etc. These are generated using a combination of research on what makes a great manager and Fellow's work graph, to give you timely smart suggestions. 

Priorities - How we refer to the big picture items that a person is working towards. You might call these your goals, objectives, intended outcomes, or current projects. Regardless of the name, the intention stays the same and the priorities note can be found under the Priority tab in a 1-on-1. 

Private notes - Only you can see this area of a note. This is where you can take notes that you don’t want to be shared. 

Templates - These are pre-made layouts. You will find templates for your 1-on-1s, meetings, feedback and priorities and you can apply them to your note so you don't have to create your own layout every time you open a note. There are templates that are pre-made by Fellow and you can also save your own templates.  

Navigating a note

Action Item - Tasks, or items on your to-do list. They can be assigned to people and checked-off as completed. 

Note - Any shared working document in Fellow. This could be a 1-on-1 note, a meeting note, or a priorities note. All of these notes can be customized so you can rename the headers or delete them all together and create your own. The general layout of a note is just a suggestion! 

Talking points - Items that you would like to discuss during the meeting- they are your agenda items. They can be checked off as they are discussed. 

Notepad - This area is intended for you to use for free thought, brainstorming- whatever works for you! 

Stream - A series of notes. As you finish a note, your notes will begin to develop a list that we refer to as a stream. 

Feedback Section

Feedback Card - Any feedback form that appears in Fellow is referred to as a feedback card. This includes feedback requests that you receive and feedback you receive, feedback requests sent and feedback sent. 

Feedback request - When you ask for feedback (whether it is a teammate, a meeting or yourself) this is called a feedback request.

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