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1-on-1 - 1-on-1s are meetings held between only two people. These meetings in Fellow have different functionalities, which you can learn more about here. Within each 1-on-1 meeting series, you will have individual notes corresponding with your meetings with this person.

360 Feedback - A 360 Review is the process of collecting feedback about your direct report from their manager, themselves, their direct reports, and their peers. Within Fellow you have the ability to create a 360 Feedback request, to make this process easier.

Action Item - Tasks, or items on your to-do list. They can be assigned to people and checked-off as completed. Don't forget to add due dates for your action items! In Fellow action items appear as a little square in your note that you can check off when complete.

Bookmarks - Bookmarks can be added into your meeting note and are similar to the "tabs" function. A Bookmark is a link to content outside of Fellow, whereas a tab is a link to content within Fellow.

Cross-Workspace Collaboration - With cross-workspace collaboration you can collaborate in your meeting notes with people who have their own Fellow workspace that is separate from your own.

Disabled User - Any user in a workspace can have their account disabled, and re-enabled. This will block them from logging into their account, while still preserving their data. Disabled user accounts are not billed for in paid subscriptions.

Enabled User - Members or administrators that are able to log into their Fellow workspace. Enabled users count towards billing on all of our paid plans, for more information see this collection.

External Users - A user who has a Fellow account outside of the main workspace.

This might be:

  • Someone who is part of the same company/has the same email domain but has an account on another workspace.

  • Someone outside of your company (ex. from an agency, vendors, contractors, etc.) who you are collaborating with

Fellow Meeting Copilot - Fellow Meeting Copilot is AI powered and can help you with meeting recording, transcription, and summarization to help you and your team.

Feedback inbox - Your feedback inbox can be filtered to display feedback needing action, feedback provided, feedback sent, drafts, archived feedback, as well as a general inbox view displaying all of the above. You can navigate to your feedback inbox by clicking the thumbs up icon saying "Feedback" in your left control panel.

Feedback request - When you ask for feedback (whether it is about a teammate, a meeting or yourself) this is called a feedback request.

Guest users - Someone external who has limited access to your workspace. They need to be invited and have limited capabilities. Here's more info on what guest users can see and do.

Internal users - Team members who have the same email domain as the main workspace, but don't have an existing Fellow account.

Left control panel - On the left side of your screen you will see a collapsable panel. Within this panel you can click into the "Home" view, and the "Meetings" view. You can also click into Action Items or Feedback, which will both provide a condensed version of these pages in your left control panel.

Meeting Guidelines - Meeting guidelines are a series of guiding prompts that appear when booking a new meeting in Google Calendar. They are part of Fellow's Chrome browser extension and are based on configurable workspace settings.

Meeting Series - Your note series is where you see your associated notes stacked one on top of the other in chronological order. For example, if you have a recurring meeting, your note series in Fellow will contain the individual notes for each of these recurring meetings.

Note - Any shared working document in Fellow. This could be a 1-on-1 note, a meeting note, or a note not associated with a calendar event. All of these notes can be customized so you can rename the headers or delete them all together and create your own.

Private notes - Only you can see this area to the right of your meeting note. This is where you can take notes that you don’t want to be shared.

Sections - Within a Fellow note you can create an automated section. You can set up automations within these sections to prompt your teammates to add to that section in the agenda prior to the meeting. You can even add sections into a custom section template.

Suggested Topics - Suggested topics are pulled from our database of expert-approved 1-on-1 questions that can help facilitate meaningful 1-on-1 discussions. For meetings that are not a 1-on-1, you can use AI-generated suggested topics based on the name of your meeting and previous talking points in that note serie.

Tabs - Tabs can be added into meeting notes and include content created within Fellow such as OKRs, other meeting notes, or Feedback.

Talking points - Items that you would like to discuss during the meeting can be added to your meeting note as a talking point, and checked off as they are discussed. Talking points can be assigned to specific users. In Fellow talking points appear as a little circle in your note, which can be checked off when finished.

Templates - These are pre-made layouts. You will find templates for your 1-on-1s, meetings, feedback and OKRs and you can apply them so you don't need to create your own layout. There are editable templates that are pre-made by Fellow and you can also save your own templates.

Workspace admin - The admin of a workspace will have additional controls over settings that apply to the Fellow workspace. Admins do not have additional permissions for viewing notes. Workspaces must have at least one admin, though they can have more than one if they choose.

Workspace members - Users who have an account with an approved email domain in a Fellow workspace.

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