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Steps how to add a section to a meeting note

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There are a few different ways to add sections, but after the initial button the process of adding a section is the same no matter where you started.


1. Creating a section starts with a header. Insert a header into your note via one of the methods below โ†“

Add via slash menu

Add via tool bar

2. Once the header has been added, click on the three dots at the end of line and select Configure Section. Here is where you can make a header "smart" or dynamic. You can also configure existing headers

3. Select the type of content that you would like to have in that section. This can be a general talking point more specific such as prompts to answer as part of a roundtable. If there isn't a template that works for you, you can create your own section template.

3. Once you've choose the content in your section, you will see a preview of what each person will fill out as part of the section. For example, I've chosen Roundtable Updates for my team to add to as part of our Marketing Kickoff.

4. [Pro feature] Decide whether or not you would like to require meeting participants to add to this section. This means that reminder notifications will be sent out to the people who need to respond in advance of the meeting

  • If you would like to require participants, check off the check box. You will then be presented with additional options including who you would like to ask, add, or exclude.

5. Press Save. You will then see the section added to the meeting note. If you've included automations as part of the section, you'll see a purple lightning bolt next to the title.

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