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Use the 1-on-1 section to build great 1-on-1 relationships with your teammates! You can collaborate on meeting agendas, assign to-dos, and track the history of your discussions in one place

When you first open the section, you will see a white panel with “1:1 Relationships” at the top. 

Here you’ll store your relationships with your manager, your direct reports and any other relationships you might have. This could include teammates, or someone in another department, or someone else. 

(If you need to remove someone from this list, you can archive the relationship)

When you click on the name of someone who you have a managerial relationship with (like your manager or direct report), you’ll see three main tabs: Streams, Feedback, and Priorities. For everyone else, you will just see the basic stream view.

The Stream Tab

A place for you to add any talking points or action items. If you’re struggling with what to talk about, you can look at the suggested topics and insert one of those into your agenda. Below the Suggested Topics, you’ll find the Private Notes section, which are exactly what they sound like -- notes that are only visible to you. If you are sharing your screen, you can click on ‘eye’ icon and hide  your notes from view. 

The Feedback Tab 

A place to store any feedback requests that have been completed. Or the manager can add feedback directly into that section. 

The Priorities Tab

A place to discuss any goals with your direct reports. Whether you use SMART Goals, OKRs, or just Short-Long Term Goals, you can keep everything in one place and check things off as they are accomplished. 

If you are curious about best practices for your 1-on-1s, you can read more here

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