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Build your own template for section headers

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Part of creating a section in Fellow is selecting a template. This might be one for daily standups, a mood-o-meter, or even a roundtable. However, these templates might not be a perfect fit for you or your team.

In that case, you have the option to create your own section template!


  1. After adding a section, click Configure section

  2. In the template dropdown, select Custom Template

  3. Start building your custom template! This can include placeholder text, bullet points, talking points, etc.

    When adding a talking point or action item, you'll notice that the assignee is blank. Once the template is applied in the note, this item will be assigned by default to the user who adds it.

  4. Decide whether or not you would like to require participants to add to this section. If so, you'll have another setting or two to configure. Read more here (step 4)

  5. Press Save

Now when you click on the plus button to add to that section, it'll automatically have your customize template applied.

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