Add Recipients

You can add recipients when you are making the original request AND you can add recipients after you have sent out the request. (Which is great in case your forgot to add someone earlier)

Archive Past Feedback

Once you have completed and processed the feedback, you can archive the feedback. You will still be able access the feedback, but it won't be in your direct view. 

Browse and Make Templates

If you are struggling with what to ask, you can browse some of our templates and you can mix and match the questions that you like.

Share with Others

Share the responses to the feedback with someone else at your organization. This can be with your manager or direct report. The respondents will be able to see who the feedback is shared with. 

Send a Reminder

It's easy for things to slip through the cracks and get forgotten. If someone has not completed your feedback request, you can give them a gentle reminder via email or Slack. 

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