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Transitioning from Navigator to Fellow
Transitioning from Navigator to Fellow

Highlighting Fellow alternatives/equivalents to Navigator features and other general set-up tips

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If you were using Navigator for your meetings, you might be interested in transitioning to Fellow now that Navigator has decided to figuratively close their doors on September 9, 2021.

We want to make it easy for you! In this article, we'll discuss some Fellow alternatives to Navigator features, some suggested workflows and other general set-up information.

If you are looking for more of the "Why Fellow is a good Navigator alternative", we have a blog article that goes into more detail.

Here are some of the specific how-tos that we'll be covering:

Add Shared Links to Calendar Events

Both Fellow and Navigator provide the functionality of adding shared links to calendar events.

In Fellow, you can turn this setting on/off in User Settings --> Notifications.

At this time, Fellow does not support customization as to what links are added and which are not. Typically, whether or not links get added is determined by the preferences of the first person to add content to the Fellow note.

Set up Automations

Fellow has three types of meeting automations that can be set up for each meeting under More Actions --> Settings. These automations are :

  • Time Saver: If there is no agenda created for a meeting, Fellow will either automatically cancel the meeting or prompt participants to cancel it themselves. Because "no agenda, no attenda".

  • Pre-meeting Reminders: Send out automatic reminders to meeting participants before the meeting starts

  • Post-meeting Recaps: Send stakeholders the notes after the meeting has ended.

For the automation mechanism that Fellow doesn't currently support, there are some ways that you can recreate your favourite workflows from Navigator:

  • Get an overview of past action items and upcoming meetings in Fellow's Daily Digest which be sent via email, Slack, or MS Teams. You can set this up in User Settings --> Notifications

  • View a meeting's incomplete action items via the action item tab at the top of a meeting note.

  • In a 1-on-1 between a manager and a direct report, view suggested topics on the right hand side of the note.

Attach previous Navigator notes from Dropbox, Box, or GoogleDrive

One of the benefits of using a meeting management software is that all your meeting notes can be kept in one place. However, if you have to transition away from Navigator then the meeting history will be in more than one place.

If you have exported those notes via DropBox, Box, or GoogleDrive you can attach the files directly to a meeting in Fellow. For example, for your weekly team meeting you can attach previous meeting notes directly to that Fellow note. That way, you can easily find and refer back to previous notes. It won't be as seamless as simply scrolling down a meeting serie like other recurring meetings in Fellow, but it will keep everything together.

Integrate with Slack, Zoom, Asana, Trello, and Todoist

Fellow integrates with a lot of the same tools that Navigator did:

The Fellow Slack app has features for messages, the workflow builder, Slack app home, and various notifications.

Use Fellow's Zoom app to view your meeting notes directly in your Zoom call. No second tab/window required!

Set it up so that action items created in Fellow will automatically sync with an Asana project.

Via Fellow's Zapier integration, set it up so that when an action item is created in Fellow a "matching" card is created in Trello.

Via Fellow's Zapier integration, set it up so that when an action item is created in Fellow a "matching" task in Todoist


If you are making the switch from Navigator to Fellow, please let us know if we can help! Our support team is available via email ( or the Intercom bubble on the right hand corner of your screen. We're pretty fast to respond so you can expect an answer to your question within 24hours

If there are any features that you miss/would like to see in Fellow, send us a quick message. We're always interested in feedback

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