Streams are a series of related notes (usually on the same topic or with the same person) that show up in one long stream.

There are two main places where you will find streams: Meetings and Streams

Just a quick note on visibility: Meeting streams will only be visible to meeting attendees (those on the calendar invite). Your private streams will be completely private to you. And Shared Streams will only be seen by people who you have shared the stream with.

In 'Meetings'

Streams in the meeting section are streams that are very much linked to the calendar event. Each unique calendar event will have its own stream. For recurring events, these notes will form one long stream for each series of meetings.

In 'Streams'

The streams in the Stream section are notes that are related to relationships (1-on-1s) or specific topics (like private and shared streams). So, odds are this is a place that you will visit a lot!

Within 'Streams' there are 4 categories: Starred, 1-on-1s, Private, and Shared. These notes work the same as meeting notes, but there are unique aspects/benefits to each category.


These are meetings or streams that you have starred

To star a stream, navigate to the stream and click on the star icon next to the title.


All your 1-on-1 notes can be found here. They are organized by person - meaning that when you click on the name of a person, you will be able to see all your past 1-on-1 notes.

On a technical side of things, you’ll need to link a person’s 1-on-1 to a recurring 1-on-1 in your Google or Office calendar. This way, a new note will be created for every instance of the meeting.

If you have a reporting relationship with a person, then you will see 4 tabs across the top: Streams, Action Items, Feedback, and Priorities. (as well as suggested topics in Streams)

Streams is where you’ll have all your meeting notes.

Action Items are a compilation of action items specific to that stream (so anything that you had previously written that you would do in an earlier 1-on-1).

Feedback* will be a compilation of feedback about the person.

Priorities are a place for short-term and long-term goals.

*Feedback is an organization level feature


These are notes completely private to you.

A lot of users use Private Streams as personal to-do lists. Others use streams for idea tracking or making note of what they have done that year.


These are collaborative notes that are not tied to a calendar event.

It’s more like a shared note. We recommend using Shared Streams for group projects, keeping track of group/company goals, and creating process checklists.

*Shared streams are a Pro-Level Feature

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