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Set up Time Saver meeting automations
Set up Time Saver meeting automations

How to set-up the Time Saver automation for a meeting

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It seems like everybody wants a little time back in their calendar. Any attendee can set up Fellow's Time Saver automation, but as the meeting organizer this will help remove potentially unproductive meetings (with no agenda) from your calendar and give you the time back in your calendar.

*** Meeting Automations are a Pro Feature ***


  1. Visit that meeting stream and click on the lightning bolt icon (⚡️) underneath the header

    or click on More Actions --> Stream Settings --> Automations

  2. Click on the toggle next to Time Saver to turn it on (or press Configure)

  3. Now it's all about deciding on the specific settings

    1. Check the agenda: X minutes before. This essentially is the cut-off point - if there is nothing on the agenda after this point then the time saver will be put in motion.

    2. If there is no agenda, then...

      1. Display a banner to encourage meeting attendees to cancel the event themselves.

      2. Automatically cancel the event

      3. Decide who should be notified that the event has been cancelled

  4. Press Save and let the Time Saver work its magic.

Note: You can edit these settings at any time by repeating steps 1-2 and clicking on Configure.

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