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Insert files from Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or iCloud
Insert files from Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or iCloud

Attach these files directly into your meeting notes

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If you use a file-hosting or file-sharing service to store your files, these files can be directly attached to a meeting note in Fellow to provide the right information at the right time.

Important: In order to attach these types of files you will need to have the service's desktop app installed on your device.


  1. Click on the dot drop down in the upper right hand corner of the note that you would like to attach the documents to and click Attach files

  2. Then select that service from the Windows explorer or finder window and locate the specific file. Click on the file to insert it.

  3. This file will then be attached at the bottom of the note. If you would like the documented to be inserted directly in the body of the note - try one of the other methods to insert files

    1. clicking on the add image button in the tool bar at the bottom of the note

    2. opening up the slash menu

    3. dragging and dropping the file directly into the note.

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