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Why aren't links appearing in calendar events?
Why aren't links appearing in calendar events?

Troubleshooting to show quick access links in your calendar events

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With Fellow's calendar integration, links will be added to the calendar once someone has added to the notes. 

In your calendar event, the link will appear like this: 

You can edit this by going to the drop-down menu from the workspace logo --> User Settings --> Preferences --> Behavior, and toggling on or off this setting. 

If the links are not being added as expected, this is the first place to check.

From here you can decide if you want to have quick access links added to every meeting you have, or just meetings with internal attendees. If you enable the second option saying "Add for events with only internal attendees" this will ensure links are not added to calendar events where someone outside of your organization is an attendee.

If you have the setting turned on, and the links are still not appearing - it might be because the first person to add to the meeting notes has this setting turned off. 

Whether or not the links are added, matches the preferences of the person who first adds content to the meeting notes. So if the first person has it set to not add links to the calendar event, then no link will be added. 

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