You may have certain preferences when it comes to how/when you would like to be notified. In a way, it's almost like Goldilocks and the three bears. (one is too many, one is too few, and one is just right)

We'll go into more details about the following notifications below:

To update these notifications, navigate to User settings --> Notifications.

But first, we'll review the difference between settings and watching!

In the notifications section there are two tabs: settings and watching.

Settings are the place to update specifics about how/where. While watching gives you a list of streams and you'll be able to choose for which streams you will be notified of changes.

Fellow digest

First up in the Settings section is the Fellow digest. It's a weekly or daily summary with an overview of your day/week and what you have in Fellow. This can be send via Slack or email.

This includes:

  • Meetings

  • Feedback Requests

  • Action Items

Push notifications

As for push notifications (mobile and desktop), you'll have the option to turn these on or off. There is also the option to receive email notifications instead.

Upcoming 1-on-1 Reminders

For upcoming 1-on-1s, you will be able to choose where you get the notifications (email, Slack, or both). And you'll also be able to choose how long ahead of the meeting you would like to be notified. This notification will prompt you and the other person to add to the agenda or review any open talking points.

If you have a lot of 1-on-1s and only want to be notified about specific ones, you'll have the option to as well.


You'll also be able to specify what changes in Notes you are notified about. Whether an action item is assigned to you, or if the due date changed, etc.


To specify which streams you are notified about, check out the watch settings and unwatch the ones that you are not so interested in.

You'll have the option to Auto-watch all streams


Specify when you would like to be notified about comments. This could be when someone adds a comment to a stream. Or when someone replies to one of your comments.


For feedback, decide how you would like to receive this notifications. You'll have the option to receive notifications via Slack, MS Teams, email, or a combination.

Browser extension

Finally, there is an option to enable/disable dots on your Google Calendar as part of our Browser Extension. Typically, these dotes indicate agendas and action items due, but you can turn this off and still use the other features of the Browser Extension.

Section headers

With sections, there is an option to make the filling out the section a required action. Decided how you would like to receive these notifications whenever you are required to do these actions.

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