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Customize, stylize, and personalize notes and templates to take your Fellow game to the next level

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One of the best things about Fellow is that your notes are very customizable to suit your needs. Which is great, because not all meetings are the same and not every person runs meetings in the same way. And your private note series are probably different than your shared note series.

Here are some ways you can customize your Fellow Notes:

Format and Stylize

Insert Images, Videos, and Gifs: great for adding in graphs, video references (like a sales call to review), or even just reaction gifs

Add Headers then Bold, Underline, Strikethrough: Just like any other document, select the text that you would like to format which will bring up a tool bar with all your formatting options. Or make things more efficient by using our keyboard shortcuts

Colour Code Using Highlight and Font Colours: Bring attention to important points by selecting the text and a highlight or text colour. You can even apply colour to action items to differentiate different types of tasks.

Assign Action Items with Due Dates*: Designate who will do what task by adding an assignee at the end of the line. And if you are a pro user, you'll be able to add specific due dates.

Create and Apply Templates

In a note, click Apply a template to browse some pre-made templates. Or create your own template in that note or in User Settings --> Templates. (Specific instructions can be found here). Need inspiration? Check out some of Fellow's templates, then feel free to customize!

Create Note Series to Suit Your Needs

Add as many note series as you would like - whatever fits your routine. This may be a Daily Planner with custom categories or maybe a separate note series with notes on each client.

Perhaps, even a note for tracking your impact. This way you can easily recall your accomplishments come review time. And another for team goals

Embed Media

This is great for sharing podcasts or music with your team.

Or reviewing a Figma file during a Design review.

Or including the latest Vimeo video

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