Formatting Text 

When you highlight text an icon bar will pop up. You can hover over each icon to see what it does and click each icon to make a change to the highlighted text. 

Editing an line type

You can quickly change the function of each item by using the icons that appear on the right side of that line when you click on a line. 

Click on a line to change the function of that item. You can make it a talking point, an action item, a bullet point, a paragraph, a header or a priority depending on which document you are working in.  

Keyboard Shortcuts 

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to customize your document. 

Moving items 

You can drag and drop items to move them around the page. 

When you click on a line six dots will appear to the left of the item. Click on the dots then drag the item and drop it where you would like it to be. 

Changing assignees 

The images automatically indicate who typed an item. A case where this would be useful is when a notetaker wants to indicate who is speaking during the meeting. 

If you would like to change the image you click the image, then click on a person. 

Customize your documents so they work for you. 

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