Templates are a great way to structure your meeting agenda. Even better, it's something that just needs to be created or chosen once, and then you're good to go. No need to type it out every time.

Even though Fellow has some built in templates, you aren't limited to those. Instead, customize and create templates that work for you and your team. In these templates, you can add Headers, Talking Points, Action Items and everything else that you could add to a normal note in Fellow.

Here are some ways that you customize templates:

Creating a Template from Scratch

This is quite a straightforward option. Essentially, you can build your own template from scratch by selecting "Templates" in the settings drop down then choosing "Create new template".

Enter the name of your template, and a quick description. Then choose a category from the drop down. This category isn't restrictive, instead it's just a guide for when/where this template should be applied. But even if you file your templates under "Meetings", you'll still be able to apply it to other types of notes like 1-on-1s and Shared Streams.

Then build your template by adding headers, subheadings, etc. It's fairly customizable - just remember to save your template before you navigate away.

Editing a pre-existing template to create a new one

There might be a template that you want to use, it just needs to be tweaked a little. In this case, I want to adapt the "Daily Standup Meeting" template to better fit my team.

To do this, I first need to "Copy to My Templates", this essentially creates a copy (B) that I can edit and leaves the original (A) in tact.

I can rename the template, and make my modifications. In this example, I've added places for all of my team members under "What did I accomplish yesterday?".

Saving Templates

Another way would be just to make the template in the note, then saving it as a template. This is for times when you're building an agenda in the note and you realize that this agenda is a format that you would like to use again.

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