Check out this video for a full walkthrough!

This is a private space for you to plan your week, reflect on your learnings and brainstorm. Anything that you add to the personal section will be visible only to you. 

Creating a new personal stream

Create a new stream by clicking "+ New personal stream". Any stream that you create is private, so only you can see it. This is a completely editable document so you can use it in any way you would like! 

When you create a new stream, you can customize it to help you organize and prioritize. 

You can also organize your streams by dragging them around. 


We have created some templates to help get you started. There are templates for planning, journaling and reflecting. You can create your own templates as well to suit your workflow. 

Drag and Drop action items

You can drag and drop your todos from the action item panel into a stream so you can prioritize them in your planning. And you can drag and drop items between notes! 

Create your own streams in the Personal section in Fellow!

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