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Include images, gifs, and/or videos directly in your Fellow note

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There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So why not add them to your Fellow note?

This might be an image of an important graph, or a preview of a new feature.

Just a note on terminology, images added to Fellow will be part of an image strip.

This is just a placeholder of sorts where you can add an image or series of images.

Steps for Method 1 (Drag and drop)

  1. First find the file that you would like to add to Fellow.

  2. Drag and drop the image directly into the note.

  3. The image or files will be added into what we call an image stripe which placeholder of sorts where you can add content

Steps for Method 2 (Via the toolbar)

  1. Visit your Fellow note

  2. Click on the Add image or video strip option in the toolbar at the base of the note. The icon looks like an image of a forrest and a video reel. Or use the slash ("/") command

  3. Select the file that you would like to add

  4. Repeat the process for any additional images

Note: Any images added to the note will show up at the bottom as well, in the attachments area:

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