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Add Action Items to a Note
Add Action Items to a Note

Different ways to add action items into notes (1-on-1s, meetings, private/shared notes)

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Action items (or todos) are represented by the square (☐) in Fellow notes.

There are 4 main methods to add action items to notes. These 4 methods can be used in 1-on-1, meetings, and private/shared note series. Outside of notes, you can also create action items directly in the action items section.

Here are four ways (in action) to create action items in a note:

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To break those down ....

Method 1 - Tool Bar 

When you click the action item icon at the bottom of the screen (in the tool bar), an action item will be added to the note for you.

Method 2 - Press return to add another

If there is already an action item in the document, you'll just need to press return in order to create a 2nd one.

Method 3 - Slash Menu

You can also open up this menu by using the slash ( / ) command. Then select "Action Item"

Method 4 - Keyboard shortcut 

If you are all about speed and efficiency, you can use this keyboard shortcut (it's super handy)


If you already have some other text that you would like to be a talking point item, just highlight the text and select "Action Item" from the drop down

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You can create an action item directly in the action item section by clicking on create action item from your action items page:

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